Re: email adds

Posted: 01-27-2008, 12:57 PM
On Jan 26, 7:26 pm, MikeM <> wrote:
> A couple of days ago I received an advertising eamail that was sent
> from my main email address to the same email address. Does this mean
> it has to have been sent from my computer, or at least from my isp?
> Thanks
> Mike
Two possibilities:

1. The worst case scenario - your computer has become a zombie. That
means, someone has hacked into your computer and the hacker has full
control over it. At the very least, it has turned into a mail-agent
for the hacker in this case.

2. The not-so-worrysome scenario - someone harvested your email
address, either from the usenet posting, or from the web forum
somewhere - and then send out tons of junk mails, spams, phising
emails, whatever, using your email address.

My own suggestion is this - if you are not using your PC for online
stuffs, unplug the Internet connection. While we can't stop the
scenario 2 from happening, at least you'd know that when your PC is
offline, it can't be controlled by the hacker.

Hope this helps !

Re: email adds

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