Enhanced Speech Recognition Toolkit !!

Posted: 08-11-2008, 05:08 AM

Windows® Speech Recognition in the Microsoft Vista operating system i
absolutely free.
Up until now it has lacked many of the features taken for granted b
users of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

We previewed the Windows™ Speech Recognition macro builde
several weeks ago
and got great feedback and reviews. Since then we have made additions,
renamed it the "Windows™ Speech Recognition Toolkit" as it is no
more than just a macro builder.

:geek: Here's the new list of features:

1. Text Macros

2. Command Macros (step by step)

3. A Macro Editor window for editing or creating script macros

4. 'Train From Text' allows you to select any text, and read it t
train the
'Acoustic Model' of your speech profile

5. 'Add To Dictionary' provides an easy way to add words or phrases t
personal speech dictionary

6. 'Add From File' parses MS-Word and Text documents of your choosin
increased dictation accuracy

7. The Transcription module hears recorded (.WAV) files and transcribe
to text.

The free download is good through at least August 31st. Once installed
you'll find a comprehensive User's Manual in PDF format, complete wit
screenshots and step-by-step instructions for each of the abov
functions. '*-CLICK HERE-*
(http://www.emicrophones.com/download/WSRToolkit.zip) to download.

Bill Burke
See us at '*www.MSSpeech-Forum.com *' (http://www.MSSpeech-Forum.com


Enhanced Speech Recognition Toolkit !!

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