Re: Eudora suddenly can't send to aol users?

Posted: 11-12-2003, 12:44 AM
In article <>, (Meta Sienkiewicz) wrote:
> Irene Friedman <> wrote:
> > Yesterday and today, my husband and I cannot send to AOL users using
> > Eudora.
> >
> > We use OS X /Jaguar and Eudora 5.2 and cable modem isp.
> >
> > The messages return with
> > "your message cannot be delivered to the following recipients:
> > Reason: Rejection greeting returned by server.
> > Diagnostic code: smtp;550-The IP address you're using to connect to
> > AOL is either open to the f ( t r d h
> > Remote system: dns;"
> >
> > If we use Mail the messages are successfully transmitted.
> I also had one email rejected that was sent to an AOL address, late
> Saturday evening (Sat, 7 Jun 2003 22:19:26 -0400). The same email was
> delivered correctly to all the other recipients on other networks. I
> tried sending the message again a short time later (still with Eudora)
> and it worked fine. About that same time I had some trouble connecting
> to a few websites so I figured it was a momentary glitch with the
> namservers or something... or some problem on the AOL end. It didn't
> look like it was related to Eudora (well, my next letter a couple
> minutes later worked, anyway).
I have been unable to send to an AOL users using Eudora of late. Messages are not bounced back, they simply "disappear."
I am able to sent to AOL accounts without incident using my other email client (QuickMail). Any ideas? I'm using 6.0.1
with OSX 10.3.1. If I can't sort this out I will have to abandon Eudora after years of use.

Re: Eudora suddenly can't send to aol users?

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