External drive suddenly read-only

Posted: 01-05-2009, 05:23 PM

hi ther

im trying to regain write-access to an external hard drive which, afte
a reboot, Vista decided it would no longer let me write anythin
to...(worth repeating, i didnt change any setting in order for this t
happen, i just rebooted!

In an earlier question on this issue someone suggested the followi
> Start or
> click on compute
> right click on the drive icon for the external driv
> select propertie
> select security ta
> click advanced butto
> click owner ta
> click edit butto
> there should be at least two entries in 'Change owner two'
> Administrators
> and your accoun
> click your account to highlight i
> click to select the box 'Replace owner on subcontainers and objects
> now click on the OK button, if asked if your really want to do thi
> say yes
The problem is that i cannot finally get the permissions back to norma
following these steps. At the last "click on the OK button" i get a
alert telling me various files are read only (Vista alerts to one fil
at a time, obviously) and therefore is unable to make the require
changes. Any idea how i would get to really really regain control o
this drive



External drive suddenly read-only

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Re: External drive suddenly read-only
Posted: 01-07-2009, 12:17 PM

go to Windows Explorer and right click the drive and go to properties
Click on ADVANCED and you will see the current owner highlighted. Clic
on EDIT and then click on your username in the permissions list the
APPLY. then you are the new owner. Then you can change what you like



PS: Dont forget to untick the read only box after you re-ope
properties and APPLY and answer YES to all folders and file


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Re: External drive suddenly read-only
Posted: 01-09-2009, 12:21 AM

thanks for the reply JM..but im still having problems. I restarted a fe
times and had control back again yesterday, but this morning when
started, im locked out of 'write' again

i take it you mean go into security tab in properties and clic
ADVANCED there? The highlighted permission is for EVERYBODY. When
click advanced, and attempted to change any of the permission, i get a
error telling me such-and-such a file is write protected. which means,
cannot take control, or change any permissions... any further idea
would be great....i add again, i certainly have not asked vista at an
point to change so that i am locked out of my own disk...what i
goodness name is going on

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Re: External drive suddenly read-only
Posted: 01-09-2009, 04:42 AM

Hi woodentopz,
*right click* on the ext HDD, click *properties*, go to *Security*,
then click, *Edit*, now click *Add*, then type your *username *at the
box and click *CheckNames*. Click *Apply*. Then at the bottom
(permissions), click *_-Full_Access_-_*and click *Apply* and *Ok*.


Hope that works ! ! !
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Re: External drive suddenly read-only
Posted: 01-12-2009, 09:54 PM

thanks for that info, *'*dinesh*
(http://www.vistax64.com/members/dinesh.html) *i went through it, bu
when it finally came to apply, i got the same media is write-protecte

There seem to be small differences in the layout of button etc in th
properties box on my version of vista (64bit home premiumSP1) ie, 1
when i have finished doing the CheckNames, the choice is only 'OK' an
not "Apply'. 2) when i have clicked 'OK' in the checknames panel, i a
brought back to a panel in which i find a check box labelled "Ful
Control" (rather than Full Acess, and at the top of the checkbox list
rather than the bottom). In any case, i check the "full control" chec
box and click "Apply" at which point the "Error Applying Security
message, which informs me the media is write protected

Yikes, but this Vista is a very unruly OS..

thanks for everyones suggestions so far, and thanks for any futur
hints / tips, and dare i say, solutions..

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