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Corne 12-03-2008 06:34 AM

External hdd
Hi I recently purchased a iomega external hdd and i only have three usb port
all of which i am using.
One for the mouse
One for the keyboard, and one for the external hdd.
Sometimes I need to plug my bluetooth dongle in the usb port of the external
hdd, but when I want to safely remove the device it says "Close one or more
windows........"All programs are closed, and I have noticed there is a
logfile and another file that writes to the disk.Is there anything I can do
to stop windows creating a log file on the external hdd?
I have tried changing the security settings on the drive but I do not have
enough experience regarding this.
I plan on getting a usb splitter anytime soon but any help would be greatly

Kind Regards

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