Failed to update DirectX on Vista / I want to repair certain files

Posted: 10-28-2007, 12:10 PM
Quite recently I have had problems launching a game, Crysis (in 64-bit Dx 10
mode, in Vista HP).

The game have had major problems launching because of some reason my DirectX
is in need of newer files or more files, the crysis.exe refuses to launch
because the "d3d10core.dll" isn't working properly. So to solve all that I
want to update/repair my current DirectX using the "feb2007_redist", I get
through almost the whole installation but it then dies and blames the problem
on some kind of internal error, a log is then created, unfortunately I cant
find the log, I've used the search feature and everything... I know it's
supposed to be located in the Sytem32 folder but it ain't!

I hope it's enough with information

Failed to update DirectX on Vista / I want to repair certain files

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