file open/views/details set detail for office 2003 under VIS

Posted: 11-20-2008, 07:23 PM
I am having an annoying problem (upon file open or save /view ... I CAN'T GET
TO SEE the precious "date modified" under VIEW DETAILS, even if I select it
each time -- I only get the NAME Column under VISTA and Office 2003)

Is this a known problem under VISTA and office2003 ??

system: VISTA Business SP1, Office 2003 SP3

-- IT advanced amateur yet forever novice !

file open/views/details set detail for office 2003 under VIS

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Re: file open/views/details set detail for office 2003 under VIS
Posted: 03-26-2009, 10:37 AM

I spent ages working this one too. Open an application (i.e. Word)
click on "File", click on "Open". In dialogue box, open the folder tha
holds your documents. At this point, I was only seeing the file name
(no Date, Size etc.). Hover your mouse pointer over the "Name" headin
and a drop down arrow will magically appear beside "Name". Click on th
arrow and the drop down menu lets you define all the attributes you wan
to display when opening a file. Once done in Word, it seems to appl
itself to Excel, Powerpoint etc

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