Filter Driver - Not intercepting IRPís.

Posted: 09-01-2004, 04:33 PM
I am writing a File system Fileter driver to listen all the File
system calls.
In the Device Entry function, i am creating a device object and set it
in IO manager by IoAttachDeviceToDeviceStack method.
the code is...
ntStatus = IoCreateDevice(

pDevExt = (PDEVICE_EXTENSION) filterDeviceObject->DeviceExtension;
pDevExt->pDevice = filterDeviceObject; // back pointer
pDevExt->driver_state = Stopped;

LogEvent(ntStatus, filterDeviceObject, L"\nFilterDriver2.SYS:
Entering DriverEntry\n");

pDevExt->pTargetDevice = IoAttachDeviceToDeviceStack(
DriverObject is passed in the DriverEntry function.
Now, I am setting the flag for the filterDeviceObject by using,

pFilterDevObj->DeviceType = pDevExt->pTargetDevice->DeviceType;
pFilterDevObj->Characteristics =

pFilterDevObj->Flags |= ( pDevExt->pTargetDevice->Flags &

// Initialize Event Logging counters:
pDevExt->IrpRetryCount = 0;
pDevExt->IrpSequenceNumber = 0;

When setting the flag, the system crashes and restarts.

How to solve this

If I remove setting flags, I unable to intercept the IRPís.

How to do this

Thanks in advance.

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Filter Driver - Not intercepting IRPís.

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