freeze up?

Posted: 01-26-2009, 12:08 AM
I installed xp on a vista machine, what happened on install was Partition
(a Boot partition of 524 GB) was created.
XP was installed on "I".
Left over was "C" a FAT system partition of 63 MB.
Now when I boot up I'm asked to boot to "unknown" OS on "C", or XP OS on
I then boot to "I" and have no problems.
If I boot to "C" I get the dos prompt.
"C" drive shows no files but properties show 908KB of space used.

My problem is I am getting occasional freeze ups. No error message, just
freeze up.
I have checked everything I know, Device manager is all good, drivers all
good, no virus, registry has been cleaned, defrag ok, no spyware, and all
works great when up and running. Have no idea what causes freeze up, machine
can be idle when it happens.
I'm thinking it may have to do with this tiny drive C, can I eliminate it,
or any ideas?


freeze up?

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