Get 200 million hits in 1 hour?

Posted: 08-16-2004, 05:42 PM
Hi ,

Stephan Ducharme here,

Hahaha, each day I receive tons of non-sense programs in my emailbox.

You too hey?!

Have you also seen ridiculous programs promising you hits by submitting your webpage to 5 million websites?

They donít work. You only get your mailbox filled-up with thousands of spam emails.

A matter a fact, there are many programs out there about how to get free traffic to your website and they all promise you the moon.

The thing is that some work and a lot DONíT WORK!

How can you know?

I'm just like you, I've been through all that too.

I've tried them all through these past few years.

There comes a time when we can't even know which program to believe. Which one is a true one or just hype again!

But lots of programs really do bring great results.

If only you could have someone telling you which one is worth putting time and energy into, which one works, ... dont' you think you would start to get somewhere? A big brother saying, "Nope, not that one", "Yes this one" The true problem is that we don't know who to believe anymore after seeing all that hype everywhere.

I have been online since years and all I did through these 5 past years is trying and testing free traffic programs.

I receive over 1,2 MILLION hits each month on my websites!!!

I will tell you which programs work out there.

I will show you how to get REAL people to your website, not only empty clicks.

So if you feel like wasting months like I did by testing all of them one after the other, go ahead, surf and try to find them.

If you are wise though, you will want to put the precious hours of your life in ONLY those that really work. I can tell you. Simply read my website.

Go to

Caring for your success,

Stephan Ducharme, The FreeAdGuru

P.S. Plus, I will teach you how to REALLY get 1 MILLION visitors overtime to your website. My program is guaranteed for a full 30 days. Try it from today, use it for a full 30 days at MY risk, if you are not 100% satisfied, youíll get your money back. No risk on your part. It works! What do you have to lose? Click here:

MAF Anti-Spam ID: 20040507112013L9c6EsM8

Get 200 million hits in 1 hour?

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