Re: Help Me On Vista Hdd Problems

Posted: 01-26-2009, 04:01 PM
Since the files on that drive were created by a different user, you don't
own them.
To take control of them, you need to take ownership & change permissions.

Assuming the files are on Drive D, and that you have an administrator
Open a CMD prompt, by clicking on Start - All Programs - Accessories
right-click on Command Prompt, select "Run as Administrator"

takeown /f D:\ /r /d y
icacls D:\ /grant administrators:F /t

Windows 7 beta

"onesixtyfive" <> wrote in message
> Hi Im New To This Site So Forgive Me If This Has Been Posted
> well My Problem Is That I Have Home Premium Which Is A Big Problem lol
> well I Recently Got This Pc With Vista And My Old Pc Was a xp One Now I
> Have The Hard drive To My Old Pc Which I Connected vista By usb To Ied
> Converter It Reads fine But Wont Let Me Move Any Files Or Folders etc I
> Turned Of UAC Still Didn't Work And Some One Told Me Its Something To Do
> With Security Credentials Because I Now Have A Different User Name And
> Password What Can I Do I Need Some Of Them Files Asap :/ Any Help Will
> Be Appreciated O Before I Forget If I Put That Harddrive Say In A Mac Or
> Xp Will It Let Me Move Them To a external Harddrive ??? Thanks Again
> gong Crazy
> --
> onesixtyfive
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Re: Help Me On Vista Hdd Problems

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