HELP! possible virus or spyware

Posted: 01-08-2004, 04:43 AM
I need some advise on how to fix my computer.
I am having problems with my computer running slow.
programs will not run or will just close and will not
start again until I restart my computer. Internet
explorer will not run at all. my cpu is at 100% and the
commit charge is running at 1500M the page file usage is
at 1.5GB. to get on the internet I have to close
EXPLORE.EXE in the task manager. my virus scan continualy
becomes disabled.
I have kazza and I am trying to delete all files related
to it.
I can download updates from microsoft but cannot install
them. I don't know why
I am so frustrated I'm about to do another system
restore but I don't know if this will fix anything.
I have an HP pavilion 503n
windows XP
384MB ram
intel celron 1.7ghz
mcafee fire wall
mcaffee virus scan (updated)
ad aware
Any help will be greatly appreciated

HELP! possible virus or spyware

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