Help - When I add someone new, it says it can't 'unblock'

Posted: 09-15-2004, 12:20 AM
Hey people.

Hopefully someone can help me.

Whenever I add a new person to my msn, it adds them to my
list but I get a pop up that says "user could not be
unblocked". They are on my list, not appearing blocked and
I can message them but they always see me as offline (just
like if I'd blocked them) so they could reply but not see
me online and initiate chats.

As if that didn't suck enough... whenever I log out or
shut off messenger and then turn it back on... all the
people who fall into the above category have to be re-
added!! I get the pop up that <user> has added me to their
list and I can select to Allow them and to add them to my
list. when I do that, it's a similar situation as above.

I'm going nuts. It only does it with this particular
account of mine too, not my others.


Thanks in advance.


(note.. I don't know if I'll ever be able to figure out
how to get back into this newsgroup so PLEASE email me if
you think you can help)

Help - When I add someone new, it says it can't 'unblock'

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