How to fix broken user Folder Redirection in Vista

Posted: 03-16-2009, 02:43 AM

I need some help on how to return back my user folders back to th
original default location settings fin Vista ultimate. I recently wa
easily able to redirect all eleven user folders to a different drive.
Then made a mistake by moving again all these folders to another ne
location / another drive, not realizing that there were serviceabl
folders that needed to be moved in a specific way in order to maintai
the serviceable status. Realizing my mistake, I then attempted severa
different ways of coping what I had back to the original defaul
locations on the 'c' drive. But now I have ended up with duplicate use
folders on the 'c' drive. The start task menu has my user name twice
the picture folder does not wok (probably wrong path) and I am als
concerned about the other non-service folder that was moved, name
AppData, which did'nt seem to be a special serviceable folder. I d
have all the folders in the the different locations, and looking for
way to get all back to where I started before moving the folder around
I seem to have all the folders intact, but the serviceable propertie
are probably corrupt due to the unconventional moving. Can anyone poin
me to a source that can guide me how to eliminate the duplicate user o
the start task and also get me back on how to revert back to the defaul
original setup for the user folders on the 'c' drive. I think I ma
have to reconfigure the registry somewhere, but don't know where.
Please help.

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How to fix broken user Folder Redirection in Vista

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