HP Officejet D155xi and Vista

Posted: 01-10-2009, 11:08 AM


I have an OfficeJet D155xi with duplex facility and lower tray. Thi
has been a brilliant all-in-one and my current setup has it connecte
(via JetDirect interface supplied) to my SBS2003 server and shared on m

When all my client pcs were XP, I had no problem with this and wa
happily using print, scanning and fax via the HP drivers that came wit
the printer

Two of my client laptop pcs had motherboard faults so I replaced the
with new ones which had Vista on them (one was home premium and th
other Ultimate). I have had nothing but trouble since then wit
printing, no scanning and I have now abandoned faxing

*Connectivity* - initially I simply the Vista machines to the newor
and added a network attached printer (in the form of '\\server\share
(file://\\server\share) name). This resulted in me being able to prin
but I had no advanced features and no option to do duplex printin
despite having a XP machine side by side connected in exactly the sam
way and working perfectly OK. Whats more, if I right click on th
printer and select properties/Printing Preferences, a window opens an
imediately closes. Result its pointless trying to print to thi
networked shared printer
I then setup a new printer but this time did it through a TCPI
connection to the JetDirect interface, bypassing the server. Tha
worked and gave me more options on the printer properties dialog but...

*Duplex Printing* - using the "out-of-the-box" driver in Vsita install
ok and recognises the lower tray and the fact that the duplex unit i
installed but it only offers the do duplex manually. I eventually foun
the advanced setting that cured that one but duplex printing stil
failed with a "conflict" between that and the media type (???). Man
posts else where here brough up the name of BobH who emailed me a patc
which has now cured that problem. Thank you Bob

*Scanning* - No chance unless the printer is USB connected. Don't eve
start me on the "Scan To" button...

*Fax* - given up. Can't even get it to work throught the SBS Fa
share, just keeps reporting that it can't connect

I agree with a lot of the posts here that the quality of the printe
drivers in Vista, especially for slightly older printers, are not ver
good at all and am very surprised that HP don't apepar to care about i
- there has been enough time since Vista was released to fix thi
problem. These printers were expensive units when new and are very goo
printers - hence why they last so long, but in todays world, you can'
just throw them away and buy new ones just for the sake of someone at H
taking a bit of time and looking after existing customers rather tha
only focusing on "new" customers. It will only result in the "new
customers looking for a "new" printer supplier who actually cares abou



HP Officejet D155xi and Vista

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