HP Photosmart 2410xi HP Director Compatability Issues with Vista

Posted: 02-17-2009, 12:20 AM

I don't usually post to these forums but I thought I should since
never found the answer to what i was looking for but somehow figured i
out for myself. i'm pretty much a complete idiot when it comes t
figuring stuff out for myself so surprised myself when i actually go
this to work

I bought a new laptop last year and could not install HP Director o
ImageZone to work with Vista, as you all have discovered because o
incompatibility issues. Very frustrating because i found that i reall
loved ImageZone for so many reasons and haven't found a viable solutio
in the year i've not been able to use it

So, after spending countless hours looking for an answer, I finall
discovered you can simply go into the Program Compatability Wizard o
Vista and change one little setting to the version you want to install
program on. To do this, (let me see if I can remember correctly), go t
your Start, then Help & Support, and in the Search bar type "Progra
Compatability Wizard", then click on the first link which should be th
Wizard itself, then click "open the wizard" option

blah blah blah, don't install old virus protection software or progra
specific software, but from here, click "next". I had the software tha
came with the HP 2410xi Photosmart so I put the CD in, and chose optio
#2 "i want to use the program i the CD-drive". From here, you just hav
to select the display options that are suitable for your computer an
the version that your software was originally intended for; in my cas
it was XP. I had to choose several different display options before
found one that worked. When that was done, it took forever for it t
install but when it was done, this is what I encountered

HP Director never would open which sort of sucked since i thought i
would work perfectly. However I remember that the Director was sort o
glichy on XP too and the ImageZone always worked. So I clicked o
ImageZone and it popped right open and found all of my files. it worke

However, my scanner does not work through ImageZone like it used to.
looked around a lot to figure out why and HP's website kept referring t
the scanner not being compatabile with Vista except through Paint.
Okay, so I opened Paint and there it was - it worked there. So I sca
through Paint, pull up the image in ImageZone, can manipulate it
organize it and do whatever to it there. It just won't scan there bu
at least Imagezone has all the photoediting capabilities that it use
to which was important to me

If you need to use the fax capabilities through HP Director, I wish
knew what to tell you. I've actually never used that feature much bu
might investigate it more in the future since scanning/faxing manuall
on this 2410xi is a major drag. Would be curious if someone else ha
figured that out after they get the all this working

I hope that helped. had i come across this post awhile back, it woul
have saved me hours of work

good luck


HP Photosmart 2410xi HP Director Compatability Issues with Vista

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