HP Printer, spooler service not running

Posted: 03-19-2009, 07:26 PM
When trying to add my HP Photosmart 2610 to my desktop, I get the
message that windows can't open add printer. the local print spooler
service is not running. Please restart the spooler or restart the

Now, first I restarted the spooler. It would run until I clicked add
printer in the CP. Then it would stop. So I restarted it and restarted
my computer. It runs but again, stops when I try to "add printer".

I checked the error logs and I get:

"The print spooler cannot start because the PrinterBusEnumerator could
not start. Error code 0x80070006. This can occur because of system
instability or a lack of system resources."

I looked up this error and came across this message board and messages
from last feb with some fixes.

This is what I went by:

"I've found this problem was caused by a registry issue concerning the
PrinterBusEnumerator entry in the System\CurrentControlSet\Enum\UMB

Either this entry is corrupt or missing or the required drivers are
not installed. As this is not a plug and play device the drivers are
not installed on a restart or through device manager by clicking
update hardware.

To correct this issue:

Start, [RIGHT CLICK] Computer, Properties, Device Manager

From Menu bar, choose VIEW, Show Hidden devices.Then Devices by
Scroll to System Devices, and then UMBus Enumerator. Check that there
are two others. Do not delete.

If there are three:

Right click on the bottom one. Choose properties. Under details tab
choose under the property combo box DEVICE CLASS GUID.
Confirm GUID matches that under the DRIVER entry in the registry as
Right click and uninstall (you will reinstall in a second)

If the GUID does not match, choose the other two until you find the
correct one.

Choose NEXT
Choose SYSTEM DEVICES, then MICROSOFT and UMBUS Enumerator

Restart, a system install will begin on restart of various associated
When complete, restart again and check service is running. "

However, when I go to device manager there is no "system devices"
listed in this menu. So I can't find the UMBus Enumerator.

This computer was bought new with Vista installed and the printer has
worked up until about 2 weeks ago when it had to be reformatted and
video card replaced. Since then, I've downloaded the software and
drivers from the HP site and I am having no luck.

About ready to throw it out the window.

HP Printer, spooler service not running

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