Huge Vista problem. Deleted udate files and now won't boot in any mode or reinstall..

Posted: 01-03-2009, 10:01 PM

Let me start by saying that I claim to have absolutely no knowledg
regarding the technical in's and out's of PCs. I do know how to use the
in the usual day-to-day activities that revolve around the home an
school environment. Outside of that, every bit of information I hav
acquired has been through the school of trial and error. With that sai
I will try to describe my situation as best I can....

I have a Gateway Desktop, model GT5404 with a few minor upgrades by wa
of video card, sound card, and ram. It came with Vista Home Premiu
installed and, for the record, this machine is the first experience
have had with Vista...period.

Several weeks ago I started to notice some quirky behavior regardin
switching to and from user accounts and ending up in a neverending use
account screen cycle. The only way to get around it involved a complet
restart, so I started looking online for information as to what th
cause may or not be. I will add that Kaspersky ran as the AV progra
supplemented by Uniblue's Powersuite. After much looking, reading an
online chatting it became apparent that the common denominator may hav
been a recent security install due to automatic updates. I went into th
event viewer, found the installs that coincided with the buggy issue an
(Heaven Help Me!) deleted them to the recycle bin. Yes I know
a good move... After the next restart, Vista invariably gave me an blu
error screen. Going down the checklist I tried to boot in any of th
available safe modes, to no avail. Either a blue error screen or a loo
back to the 'Advanced Boot Options' menu. Next step was to try t
repair/reinstall the OS from operating system disk that came with th
pc. No luck there either. The screen hangs on the system32/driver
screen on the crcdisk file. I can't even get to the repair/reinstal

Next logical step after perusing the web was to find a way to boot up
if nothing else but to determine that all information was still intact
I burned an image of Ubuntu to disk and changing boot priority was abl
to launch in linux. All programs and files intact. Okay, cool. Now min
you, at this point of this wonderful endeavour I must have greyed
years, because I know nothing about linux, grub4dos, emulators, comman
lines, etc., but I do now within this 3 day crash course. I have burne
several other recovery cds to see if they would boot, but no luck. Sam
result as the original OS disk. I have come to the conclusion that
need to fix those files, or put them back, or find some way to chkdis
or fix the boot registry. Can this be done by way of grub4dos? All
want to do is get those files back in place or fix the bootldr. Can thi
be done? Since I have Home Premium I can't access the d:recover
partition and even though Gateway's manual says that F8 will get me t
the advanced boot screen, the option to 'repair' isn't there even thoug
the manual says it should be. Note: nowhere in the manual does i
mention anything about needing a certain version of Vista or a certai
model of PC. Frustrating

I am really trying to avoid buying another SATA drive, installing th
OS, and installing it into the tower just to fix the problem. An
advice, help, or insight would be greatly appreciated. The ironic thin
is...despite the frustration of the situation, I am really enjoyin
learning more about just how expansive everything is 'behind the scenes
so to speak

SPQR Spectre

Huge Vista problem. Deleted udate files and now won't boot in any mode or reinstall..

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