Re: Installing old Printers

Posted: 12-30-2008, 04:07 PM

"PT" <> wrote in message
> Newbie - I don't even have a Vista Computer, but one is arriving in a few
> days - Vista Ultimate
> My old XP computer drives two four year old printers - one HP all-in -one
> LaserJet and one Epson inkjet.
> When I installed these printers on the XP machine, each came with a CD
> with the installation software (drivers, manual PDF, etc..).
> I assume I now must get updated CD's or some other arrangement to get the
> printers re-installed. Here are several questions
> 1. Do the vendors usually either wash their hands and tell you to get a
> new printer?
> 2. How do I get the appropriate software? Printer vendor web-sites?
> 3. Generally, do pre-Vista peripherals, and particularly
> printer/scanner/fax machines install without problems?
> --
> PT
Go to the vendor website.


Re: Installing old Printers

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