JPEG folder crash Explorer, corrupted JPEG, Nikon vs. Canon JPEG file format??

Posted: 02-17-2004, 03:51 PM
My main problems are JPEG folders crash Explorer on desktop PC and some corruped JPEG files will not preview in XP or open in any other graphical program
Unchecking the "create Thumbs" did not help me and I have excactly same problems as others here on the forum describe. Certain folders containing JPEG files crash the Explorer before it has been able to display any thumbs. Hence how could I then right click or change the way files are displayed in the tool bar
Checking Putting Thumbs in "Quick buffer" to aid faster displays of the thumbs or Unchecking it didn't help either
First thought was that there was something with rotating the photos, bur non-rotated are also affected. First 7 months it was only JPEG files form Nikon that was affected - no problem at all with JPEGs downloaded from Canon. I've of course tried to get support from Nikon but so far not getting anyway. Their advice was trying another compact flash card. The guy in the photo store (here in Norway) told me it was a known problem with Nikon. Nikon did not format the Compact flash card as deep as Canon. And more: Nikon cameras tolerate only Sandisk and Lexar cards- me stupid bought another expensive 256Mb flash card - but of course it did not help as the files are OK after transfered to the PC- but after some time they become corrupted. What I thought I could see is that it might be something with the file header. All bad files are missing the Photo exposure date (when one displays this). But a few of the Canon JPEG files also miss the exposure date but they all displays well
When copying the corrupted folders to the laptop PC, all files display nicely
Worse is the case when the files themselves become corrupted. After some time I'm not able to preview or open the files in any program. Fortunately the first thing I do is to copy the files over to the laptop - so they are not lost-(lost a few in the beginning though) but it is so damn irritating with this JPEG and Explorer crash. I have CHKDSK , defragged, reinstalled XP home, tried with all patches and updates - and with no updates - still same story. And the files on the desktop PC is backed up to another 120GB disk - same story here if I try to read them from the second disk.
One thing I have not tried is reformatting th HD and make smaller partisions - (the Laptop has only 30 GB disk and it displays the JPEG thumbs much faster - even though this CPU is somewhat slower.
Will try to uninstall Adobe Photoshop Elements and move the JPEG folder higher up in the hierarchy to see if this could help
I have been searching different PC and Photo fora for tips on this annoying problem the last months but so far no help - only discovered numerous people with similar problem
What the problem "boils down to" is that the Nikon JPEG files become corrupted on my Dell Dimension PC but are OK on my Dell Inspiron Laptop- but no problem at all with Canon JPEG files. - or the numerous old Dias photos I've scanned and saved as JPEGs

JPEG folder crash Explorer, corrupted JPEG, Nikon vs. Canon JPEG file format??

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