Legacy Program

Posted: 03-10-2008, 08:01 PM
Hello Fellas:

Here we're using some legacy software that we never were able to work with
low level priviledges, and the instalation with Windows Vista is some
"dirty" but works, any way, exist in Windows Vista any way to make it work
with user low level priviledges?

Exist three legacy software:

One that works perfectly with Windows XP an below with limited user but with
windows vista does not work.

One that works pecfectly with Windows XP SP2 and only uses Internet to
collect some information to proces locally but with windows vista, shows
more error and exception in run time, that is a compleate headache.

One that is our almost-in-house software, that uses the "RegSvr32" to
register Updates to its dll, but it runs the Regsvr32 for each movement (I
know bad design but that company that provides the ERP, are in researching
process to make a new version mean while we have to survive with this
version) any way, we cannot use this software with limited rights, is there
any way to make this software to run without allowing the user as local
administrator? (the provider is arranged to make this "emergency" change)

Any Ideas?

Baruch Ortiz

Legacy Program

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