Re: Log off without closing applications

Posted: 01-22-2009, 09:36 AM
Martin wrote:
> On 28 Nov, 06:08, "Man T" <> wrote:
>>> This is by design. If you don't want your apps to be closed then
>>> you have two options:
>>> - Activate your (password-protected) screen saver
>>> - Switch to a different user
>> At the moment I am using the screen saver option, I need to set the
>> time interval to 1 minute everytime I leave my desk, but I need to
>> wait for 1 minute to get the screen saver in effect before go to
>> elsewhere.
> You could create a shortcut to the screensaver ?.scr file that you are
> using, and place that shortcut somewhere in the Start Menu.
> Set a Shortcut Key for the shortcut.
> Then activate the screensaver whenever you need it using the shortcut
> key combination.
That will only activate the screensaver.
It will *not* actually lock the PC - there will be no security!

Re: Log off without closing applications

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