Mahjong Titans - Scorring

Posted: 08-14-2008, 04:11 PM
Does anyone know how the scorring works? what can you do to improve your
scores? I win 20-35% of games on all 6 layouts, but have no idea how to
improve either success rate or scores ...


Mahjong Titans - Scorring

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Re: Mahjong Titans - Scorring
Posted: 08-14-2008, 05:04 PM

<LI class=alertListItem>> *Try for combination bonuses.* Depending on how you take tiles off the
> board, your score can increase dramatically. If you get a matched pair
> of one class and your next pair is of the same class, you get a bonus.
> If the next pair is the same number and the same class, the bonus is
> bigger. If your second pair after that is of the same class again, your
> bonus is even bigger. You also get bonuses for clearing both pairs of
> flower or season tiles in a row.
'Windows Vista Help: Mahjong Titans: how to play'

Hope that is what you are looking for...although it isn't very thorough


vista ultimate 32/64 bit dual boot
gigabyte ep35 ds3r/xfx geforce 8600gt/corsair 520hx
g.skill ddr ii 800 x2 gigs
seagate 120gb (ide) x2/wd 750 (sata)
samsung sh203b sbo3 patched codeking
pioneer 215l patched mcse
nec/optiarc 7200s 1.06bt liggy&dee
lite-on 20a1l bl06 -fb fbl eos eoht 6-
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