Re: Maybe this is why it was so cheap? What would you do?

Posted: 01-22-2009, 03:34 PM
"Alternatively, she could get a different word processor
such as WordPerfect (my personal favorite) or the free OpenOffice,
which is very similar (but not identical) to Microsoft Office."

The above comment reminds me of my own experience. I think WordPerfect is
a much better word processor than Word. The company I used to work for got
WordPerfect first, but then switched to Word because the IT people wanted it
because of the IDE feature for writing programs, so the tail wagged the dog,
as usual, even though writing programs was NOT our business (legal
publishing). Two examples of why I preferred WP:

1. You could get a true "hanging indent" with one key (F7, I seem to
recall), while with Word you can't really, at least I never could get it to
work satisfactorily with the multi-key combination they CLAIMED would do it.
With our work, a true hanging indent in memorandums was a very big help, at
least to me.

2. You can't do a Reveal Codes in Word, at least that's what I was told,
and I was also told that Word would NEVER incorporate that feature; no idea
why. Now that I"m retired, I dont NEED WP so much, so I switched to Word
simply because it appears WP is on the way out, as sad as that is. It was a
great company.

Re: Maybe this is why it was so cheap? What would you do?

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