Montgomery has lost it appreantly, and I didn't push the button.

Posted: 09-12-2008, 06:39 PM
Paul Montgomery wrote:
> On Sep 12, 8:47 am, The Big Ticket <> wrote:
>> LOL, old man will you stop crying and <stalking>.
> Those aren't tears from crying, They're from laughing at your immature
> ass and how you respond to folks who don't like you.
There is nothing you can do now is there? Do you actually think that
what you think means anything? It only means something to you, because
you're *lonely*, and you don't have anything going on in your old life
to do but sit there at your *death* monitor.

Murphy was right about you.
> As for <stalking>: you're the one who initiated the stalking after you
> got overheated when I told you I was going to kill file you. You went
> off the psychological deep end - tossing out threats on how you were
> going to make my life miserable - and then used my name and email
> addie to stalk me for several days.
You tossed up in my face what you were going to do, and old man that
sent you off like a rocket ship to the Moon.

And I really never came at you other than to say I was still here, and
you just couldn't stand it. So you consider that <stalking> you moron?

Do you see me following your crazy behind around to various NG(s)
stalking? You're the one with your nose wide open, and I am proud of it.
It shows that your button was pushed.
> Pretty much the same as you stalked Mick Murphy recently.
The *clown* stalked me like he stalked you dummy - turn around is fare
play, and there was also another poster involved in stalking Murphy. I
was not the only one on him. And on top of that, you two old *clowns*
were at each other's throats like a cat and dog.

You take your little BS justification and you stick right your a-hole.
> I'll just keep collecting all your new nyms (finding them takes one-
> click a day with a newsreader) and will wait for the proper segue to
> post the newest list.
Man, I don't care. All anyone is going to do is view you as a crazy old
man, like the other loons.
> If that's <stalking>, how do you like it?
Do you actually think it means anything? The loons already know what's
happening as they got Boaster as a professional point dog, but that's
not going to stop me and neither are you.
> Ta-ta
You need to get some ta-ta, but you're too old to get it up anymore to
get some ta-ta. So, your stuck out here on the Usenet like a monkey.

Ta-ta old man.

Montgomery has lost it appreantly, and I didn't push the button.

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