Multiple Vista Issues

Posted: 01-19-2009, 10:37 PM

I've a number of issues with my Vista PC that I was looking for advice from
someone regarding.

Firstly, my PC seems stuck in an endless loop of trying to update IE7 with a
security update (KB960714). According to the Update History this installed
itself ok when it was first downloaded but does not appear in the list of
installed updates. Now the system downloads it every day only for it to fail
the installation (Code 800736b2) and so the cycle continues. As it doesn't
appear in the
history section I can't see how to uninstall it and try again manually. I
tried system restoring to a point before it was installed but this didn't
work either. Now all subsequent updates are refusing to install also.

More recently, in addition to the above, my system now reports that it can't
detect my anti-virus software (Kaspersky, which seems to be operating ok)
and can't be persuaded to see it. Also, Defender seems to be turning itself
off. Guessing it might be a virus I ran a full scan and sure enough it
turned out a generic Trojan had been lurking. To be on the safe side I also
ran scans with Ad-Aware and SpyBot to purge any spyware. However neither
removing the Trojan or removing any spyware has sorted the issue and
Ad-Aware seems to be unable to continue past a certain point in one of my
archives i.e. it just freezes although without crashing itself or Vista.

Running alongside all of this my system has been freezing every so often and
the only way to recover has been to turn the power off and on.

The final floater has been that Firefox has now given up the ghost and
crashes immediately on being started up. Uninstalling and re-installing
fails to make any difference.

I suspect that either the virus or the regular power offs have resulted in
some corrupted files somewhere but I'm at a loss as to how to check and
correct this is necessary (short of reinstalling Vista which I'd rather
avoid!). Is this a likely scenario or are there other options I can/should
explore first?

Thanks for any help

Multiple Vista Issues

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