must restart winXP to access internet

Posted: 11-18-2003, 07:45 AM
Hello all. I wonder if anyone else has seen this, and of course if there is
a fix.

On my laptop, if I close the lid, it goes to "hibernate". Then if I pick it
back up a little later, it "resumes" winXP, including all the programs I had
open, like IE6, open still to whatever website I was previously at. Great!,
I love this feature. However, here's the rub: It all works fine, and I can
resume my online activity, IF it hasn't been too long (about 1 hour or
less). However, if it is a longer period, everything looks the same, but I
cannot navigate to any other website. The internet connection is "dead"..

Closing and restarting IE6 does not cure this, the only thing that works is
restarting the computer. Dang if I can figger this out... I have a
broadband DSL connect with NeTDSL 8n00 modem, and Dlink 614 wireless
router...The wireless connect is showing as fine...ISP is MSN.

Thank you for any help you can give.

must restart winXP to access internet

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