Name vs File Name

Posted: 02-02-2009, 07:21 PM
I have noticed that when I open the folder
c:\users\public\public pictures\sample pictures
the pictures have Names underneath them, these names are not the File names.
A picture with the Name of 'Autumn Leaves' has the filename of 'Autumn

now if I open my Pictures the 'Name' is the file name.

My question is how is 'Name' created. I tried copying 'Winter Leaves' and
got 'Winter Leaves - Copy.jpg' as both Name and Filename.

I have flushed the thumbnails without any effect.

I first noticed this feature when I looked at the public pictures on a
computer across my home network. In this case the Name and the Filename
don't match at all. The picture with the Name 'Creek' has the Filename
'Butterfly.jpg' and the picture is of a butterfly.
(That remote computer is a test of Windows 7 so the why of them not matching
is not fair in this group).

The bottom line is that the pictures in the 'Samples' folders have Name and
Filename associaated with them but ones that I have created have the same
'Name' and 'Filename' Why the difference.


Name vs File Name

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