Re: Need help installing Vista 5308

Posted: 03-04-2006, 05:22 PM
Contact nVidia for instructions - their implementation requires multiple
drivers to be installed in the correct order.

"catch36" <> wrote in message .
> Hi,
> I tried to installed VISTA on my AMD A64 4800 system with a DFI Nforce 4
> motherboard.. The drive use for the install is on the Nvidia serial ata
> port. I have tried install from the CD within my existing Windows XP
> installation. Set up runs and finds the drive, loads some files and
> restarts the system. I then get an error that setup can't prepare the
> target drive. The install then removes some files and restarts and then
> I get a rollback error. Booting from the CD produces a windows setup
> can't find a valid system drive. Any help would be
> greately appreciated.
> Thanks,

Re: Need help installing Vista 5308

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