Need help making Batch file

Posted: 02-03-2009, 08:35 PM

Ok, so i know very little about making a batch file so i need some hel
please. I just need it to so some simple (i think) things to help m
from having to do it by looking in every folder on my system.

This is what i want it to do in this order :

1. Play a specific sound file. -But this is not important

2. Search (if possible) for all pictures on C: drive.

3. Search (if possible) for all videos on C: drive.
If possible, I want it to search for all known file types for bot
the pictures and videos.

4. Delete all found files that are not system files.

5. Play a specific sound file. -But again, not important

Or, if someone could tell me where i can go to learn how to make
batch file's i might be able to learn how to make one do this myself
either way, thanks for any help you can give

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Need help making Batch file

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