Re: No fix for Epson scanner and Vista

Posted: 01-17-2009, 08:39 PM
Household equipment should normally last 5-10 years. A commonly quoted
figure that applies by law, in some countries and to some kinds of goods, is
7 years. This should depend neither on the whims of a crackpot 3rd party
supplier of unreliable and ephemeral OS, nor on a unilateral decision not to
provide drivers for new OS, however plethoric and unreliable these may be.


"Get Real" <get@clue> a écrit dans le message de news:
> To Warren:
> You misunderstand, Vista is not incompatible with the scanner, the scanner
> is not compatible with Vista. You have a perfectly good *8-year-old*
> scanner that Epson doesn't provide a Vista driver for. Blame Epson, not
> Vista. Epson hasn't provided an updated Windows driver for it since 2002,
> that's 6 years ago! Even that one gave the warning about not being
> certified for XP. 8 years is a long time in computers, I'm surprised a
> scanner that old still functions. It's not up to MS to provide drivers
> for peripherals, it's up the manufacturers of the peripherals to provide
> them TO MS for inclusion in Windows. Epson's support page for it clearly
> says, "This product is discontinued".
> I suspect the same thing applies to your HP printer, it's an older model
> that HP doesn't support anymore. Blame HP, not Vista.
> This happens with every new Windows version, while some new drivers are
> included, some aren't, and some manufacturers chooses not to provide
> updated drivers. I had to sell a Lexmark inkjet printer after my jump
> from Win98 to Win2K because LEXMARK didn't provide the driver, and stated
> they never would. It was only 2 years old.
> You're buying new computers and using 8-year-old peripherals? I suspect
> you'll be disappointed in them even if you do get the Dells with XP.
> Assuming the capacitors on the Dell motherboards don't pop within the
> first year.
> "Stan57" <> wrote in message
>> Warren DesJardins;107585 Wrote:
>>> We now have a useless scanner (Epson 1200u) thanks to Vista being
>>> incompatible with it's software. We have no way to print pictures,
>>> thanks to
>>> Vista being incompatible with our HP printer/it's graphic software.
>>> Thanks
>>> to Vista we will now be forced to either purchase new perifs, waste a
>>> lot of
>>> time moving files from the XP machines in the back office or do
>>> without.
>>> The last two computers for our office will be ordered from Dell and
>>> have XP
>>> installed.
>> Why didn't you use the windows upgrade tool? that would have told you
>> if your hardware is compatible and your software also
>> --
>> Stan57
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Re: No fix for Epson scanner and Vista

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