Nym shifting Paul Montgomery aka Paul Montgumdrop at his best.

Posted: 09-13-2008, 06:26 PM
The List Keeper wrote aka Paul Montgomery:

LOL, the List Keeper is Paul Montgumdrop aka Paul Montgomery. He has got
to come with the List Keeper, because I took his name sort of speaking. :-P

This all started when he said he was going to killfile me. He was just
meddling none of his business and running his mouth, as usual. And I
proved to him that his little killfile didn't mean jack.

Then he came at me again, of course I was using another nym. He tells me
that he was *sorry* he had to killfile, thinking that he was talking to
someone he had not encountered. So, I went to another nym and gave him

He is a dog just like the rest, don't let him fool you.



This is the list of his nyms for this group (July 1-present) only:

Anti on Chicken Little(s)
Anti on Linux Sinister Chicken Littles
Brown Nosing Linonut
COLA Fish and Game
COLA People Controller
COLA Sucks
Confused Donkey
Linux Sucks
Little Mad Dog
Paul Montgomery
Roy S. Schestowitz
Savwafare with Flare
Sudden Impact
The Bee
The Big Ticket
The Hornet
The Lone Ranger
The Lone Ranger1
The Lone Ranger2
Triple X Killer

Nym shifting Paul Montgomery aka Paul Montgumdrop at his best.

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