Offline Files strange folder names

Posted: 01-06-2009, 07:53 PM
Running Vista Ultimate SP1

Offline files to a Synology DS108J as well as a WD-Netcenter.

I have several offline files folders set up on the Synology. (The
WD-Netcenter had the same problems, so I will keep my description to the
Synology from now on). After working on folders in these network shares,
occasionally a new folder will appear with a strange name. It appears that
this folder is an alias for an existing folder, because if I delete it, the
other folder is deleted as well. Once this folder appears, it remains even
if I reboot the machine. However the folder doesn't actually exist on the
network drive as other machines that are also connected to that drive don't
see this strange folder. Nor does Filezilla when I FTP in to the drive. I
think that this alias folder must be some kind of temporary name created by

Until recently, I was doing the exact same kind of thing using XP Pro, but
never had any problems.

In order to eliminate these phantom folders, I need to have Vista no longer
use Offline files on that network share, and then reboot.

Does anyone have a solution?

Offline Files strange folder names

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