Parental Contol

Posted: 02-10-2009, 09:13 PM

::-Hi everybody:-:
::-I have this issue with Parental Control on Vista Home Premium.-:
::-I'm the administrator, owner and only user of my pc.-:
::-A few days ago I installed a game \"Jewel Quest 3\"; when I doubl
click to start the game I receive an error message that said somethin
like \"Unable to access this game due to Parenta Control settings\".-:
::-The thing is that until that moment I didn't even know abou
parental control, I never set it up, never used it before, and I donī
have another account on my pc, I don't even have a password to acces
the OS.-:
::-I tried a few things but I really donīt have any idea about how t
get rid of this.-:
::-I will appreciate any information to solve this issue.-:

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Parental Contol

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