Photoshop CS: "Append Metadata" with file browser

Posted: 07-18-2004, 05:26 PM
1. I did a metadata set in Photoshop CS (8.0.1) including keywords and
description and saved it.
2. I select image files in the file browser that already have some
keywords and descriptions.
3. I use file browser's command "Edit, Append metadata" (not "Replace
The existing keywords do remain, new keywords are added. That's what i
But: The existing descriptions go overboard, only the new description
stays in the images.
Can i automatically append a new description in a way that the old
text stays there, too?
Is the original description generally deleted if i use "Append
Does this make sense, or is it a bug?
Thanks for all your first-hand experiences!

Photoshop CS: "Append Metadata" with file browser

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