Re: picture renaming

Posted: 04-07-2009, 08:48 PM
Your trying to rename mutable files so they all have the same name?
Vista will append a number to liked named files.
Have you ever setup a slid show in Vista? Is this for a screen saver?
I would say the easiest way, is to add your folder to Windows Photo
Gallery and use the tools there to set up your slid show.
If it is for screen saver slid show there are a couple of other things
you would need to do. e.g. setting or two changed.
Either way make sure the folder of pictures is already in or added to
Windows Photo Gallery. (copy or move)

I do not know why you need or even want to rename the files to get a
slid show. But to each their on.

Following copied From Vista Help & Support files:
See pictures as a slide show

You can view your pictures and videos as a full-screen slide show. You
can choose from among a number of themes that present your pictures in
unique ways. You can also choose which pictures you want to appear in
your slide show, and control the speed at which your slide show plays.

1.. Click to open Windows Photo Gallery.

2.. Click the pictures you want to display in the slide show.

To select more than one picture, hold down the CTRL key while you
click the pictures you want. To include all of your pictures in the
slide show, don't click any pictures.

3.. Click the Slide Show button at the bottom of Photo Gallery to
start the slide show.

If you don't select any pictures, or if you only select one picture,
the slide show will play all of the pictures in the current view of
Photo Gallery.

The above help file, Open Help & Support from the start menu, when
the H&P window opens
use the search box at the top and type in: slide show, you will get a
links list, from that list chose: See pictures as a slide show
Now if all this is off base please explain what it is exactly you wish
to accomplish in the Vista (what ever version your running and Service
Pack, please?)
If it worked and now it does not work.
What changed from the time it worked till now.

"TEZ" wrote in message news:usNgWCJtJHA.5452@TK2MSFTNGP02.phx.gbl...
> Hi When I go into pictures and open up a folder of pictures
> arrange them in an order I like for a slide show. I then select all
> of the pictures and right click to rename. I then type  the
> number 0 or the letter A and click on a blank area of the screen ( I
> have been doing this in XP for years and it has always worked )In
> Vista as soon as I click on a blank screen the pictures go into a
> random mess and I have to start all over again. Please can someone
> out there Help I have tried  unchecking the  auto arrange
> and also align to grid but it doesnt solve the problem.  My
> computer is a HP Pavillion with amd triple core running Vist Home
> premium. Thanks in advance for any help. Tez
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Re: picture renaming

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