Please comment: Electronic OS X problem->solution guide/browser

Posted: 08-21-2003, 12:16 AM
we currently check the development of a new application, which
will help mac os x users solving system or application problems.

using some kind of a category browser, the user identifies his problem

address book -> features -> send sms
security -> protect against hackers -> firewall

and the the app then show a solution for this problem/feature/idea.

it will not be application specific. any kind of solution for os x or
some application may be added.

it will not be a help book (as os x built in), but a structured collection
of solutions.

the application should be

- simple to use (simply click through a list of categories and find your
- very fast (no as slow as help books, since solutions will be full text
indexed in an efficient way)
- extendable (may receive new solutions using an internet connection).

it might use peer to peer (p2p) technology to share solutions with other
users, who have solved some kind of problem.

please comment on this idea using direct email to me and probably news,
tell me your opinion on the concept.


Please comment: Electronic OS X problem->solution guide/browser

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