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Stephan Kaufmann 09-14-2008 09:05 AM

Presentation Settings/Screensaver in WMC

With Windows Mobility Center, Presentation Settings, we want allow disabling
the screensaver during a presentation. We have also some Group Policy
settings active. As long as the Group Policy ” User
Configuration\Administrative Templates\Control Panel\Display\Screensaver” is
enabled, the checkbox for disabling screensaver in WMC is grayed out. That’s
ok. If you change this policy to “Not configured” then you can set the
checkbox, but the setting will not be saved or active.

I find out, as long the Group Policy “User Configuration/Administrative
Templates/Control Panel/Display/Prevent changing wallpaper” is enabled, the
Presentation Settings in WMC will not be saved. If this policy is “not
configured” all works fine.

I guess this is a bug or is there another way to allow disabling screensaver
for presentations and not to allow changing the wallpaper?

Windows Vista x86 and x64 (German), with SP1 and all patches applied.


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