Posted: 01-16-2009, 12:38 PM

Hi, I don't know where to actually put this topic, so please don't yel
at me please just move to correct place. Thank You

This morning, my Vista computer would not boot up to login screen.
used the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows to boot and it boote
successfully. However it did not actually boot me in the correct way; i
only booted me into the Ultimate Boot CD windows XP. I have mos
functions any computer running XP will have
After looking into device manager, I found out that a video car
problem was preventing me from booting into Windows normally.
downloaded the correct Video Card update application using anothe
computer (since i couldn't use internet using the 'bad' computer) an
saved it onto a USB.
However, UBCD uses a drive B:\ a RAM Disk. It only has about 100 mb o
space. when i install the video card update, it says that i need anothe
70 mb of space on drive B:\ to extract the package. There is plenty o
space in drive C:\ for me to install the update but the update's defaul
drive is B:\. So i am wondering if there is a way to change th
installer settings so that it will use drive C:\ to install instead o
drive B:\ so that i can install the update

Thank Yo



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