Removing Laptop from Domain but Maintaining User Settings

Posted: 01-12-2009, 08:28 AM
I have a laptop that is joined to a domain that resided on my Small Business
Server. Because I have relocated recently to a differeny country, I have not
been able to move the SBS and have had to close it down.
I am still able to log on to the laptop using the cached password, but there
are some group policy settings that I want to override and also the laptop is
always looking for a domain server.
I know I can remove the laptop from the domain, but then I will lose all the
user settings for the domain account I am logging in with.
Is there a procedure I can follow to save the user settings for my domain
account before removing the laptop from the domain, which I can then apply to
my local user settings?

Removing Laptop from Domain but Maintaining User Settings

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