Renaming mapped "documents" folder in Vista

Posted: 06-28-2007, 02:18 PM
I have remapped users "documents" folder to a network drive. After doing so,
in the start menu of Vista the UNC path of where the mapped location is
appears instead of the word "Documents". To avoid confusion with users we
renamed this back to Documents. However this seems to change the actual name
of the folder on the server...or at least give it that appearance. When I
log on to the server and look in the folder containing the users home
folders, all the users now on Vista have folders showing at "Documents" as
the folder name. The old UNC patch still works, so his must be some sort of
friendly-name, but for us as administrators it makes it imposssible to tell
which folder belongs to which person without opening the folder and viewing
the contents or viewing the NTFS permissions to figure it out.

Some of the users are syncing that folder others are not...that seems to
make no difference in the result seen on the server.

Is there a way to rename the folder on the desktop without it effecting its
appearance on the server?

Renaming mapped "documents" folder in Vista

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