Restore bitlocker partition data without correct partition table ?

Posted: 09-15-2008, 12:38 PM
I installed Vista and encrypted OS-Partition and an additional Data Partition
with bitlocker. After this my OS Partition goes corrupted with bluescreens
I tryed to repair something but without success. Unfortunately my partition
information seems also lost during my trying to solve the problem. This means
everytime when I try to boot with installation DVD ant type in "diskpart:
list volumes" then I could see Boot Partition, CD-Drive but no bitlocker
partition. The command "Diskpart: list partition" shows the encrypted
bitlocker partitions.

Now I would like to extract my data partition with the Bitlocker Repair Tool
(, but this does not work because I
have to type in a volume name which lost like described before (Bitlocker
Recovery is available)

My question is there a possibility to edit the partition table in that way,
that Vista boot CD will see or assign volume names to my existing bitlocker
partitions. Or a possibility to mark the existing partitions as bitlocker.

I would like to extract data with bitlocker repair tool but do not know how
to access partition without volume names ? Could anybody help ?

Restore bitlocker partition data without correct partition table ?

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