Run my program with the system account interact with desktop

Posted: 01-17-2008, 11:57 AM
Hello everyone,

On Vista I want to start my program with the system account. When I do that
I receive a message that the program that I have started will be shown on a
"different desktop" But this is not what I want.
Now I have fount a program that works this way I want. The program is
separate in two programs. The first is start with administrator rights and
starts the second program so the second run with system rights and, when you
see the process list, runs under the wininit.exe -> services.exe ->
svchost.exe. Where also runs the tasking.exe ( Taakplanner-engine ) and
wuauclt.exe ( Windows Update Automatic Updates )

So can anyone tell me how I can stat my program that is run with the system
account and that it is run on the users desktop? Maybe a command line
option, a program or c++ code to do this?

Greetings Greta.

Run my program with the system account interact with desktop

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