runas.exe - basic concept

Posted: 11-09-2008, 09:30 PM

I'm running Vista Ultimate 64. I am trying to leverage some of the
power of group permissions by setting up a directory that only a certain
group can modify (for a Visual Source Safe code repository). The problem
is: when I run Visual Source Safe, it doesn't inherit my group privileges
and therefore cannot access the database. I am looking into runas.exe.
That would accomplish what I ultimately want to do, but here's my problem...
it requires me to put in my password to run something as me... now, if I
right-click on an executable and select run as administrator, it doesn't
require me to put my password in, because I am an administrator... but if I
simply want to run something as Chris (my user account), I have to re-enter
my password. It appears this is also the case if I do so programmatically
using the Shell API. When I do put my password in, I get the desired
results and the program runs with the necessary group permissions, but it
seems that there has got to be a way to run something as myself without
having to re-type in my password every time... I mean, if it can be done for
administrative privileges, why not my other group privileges?

I would be grateful for any solution, even if I have to build a program to
use it...
Thanks in advance,

runas.exe - basic concept

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Re: runas.exe - basic concept
Posted: 11-12-2008, 06:53 PM
Nevermind... I disabled UAC and now the groups work the way that I expect
them to work. If anyone can figure out how to use groups other than
Administrators properly under UAC, I would definitely like to know... I'd go
back to using it again... but for now, this solves my problem.

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