security permissions set by perl script

Posted: 08-28-2008, 10:00 PM
We have our first Vista (64 bit untimate/sp1) machine in this Department and
have a security related problem. We do a lot of scripting and much of this
is with perl. We added the Active State Perl:

If I run a script that creates a directory within my own space and
authority, under user\name\documents, the secutiry permissions on the newly
created directory are totally crazy. I am listed under "group or users
names" but have no permissions set and cannot set them. The icon next to
the folder name indicates it is shared but properties indicates it is not
shared. If I try to move a folder with explorer I get the message "this
folder is shared with other people" and then the option "continue/cancel".
If I "continue" it simply hangs.

I tried to use a MSDN support incident to get telephone help. Microsoft
refused to accept the case because it is a Dell OEM install of vista (the
machine is two weeks old). MS said Dell is the primary support contact and
refused to let me use a support incident. Dell said it was a MS software
problem and hung up (literally). Those Mac ads look better all the

thanks for any help!

security permissions set by perl script

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