"select Name,Path from Win32_Share" permissions required by ASP.NET to return paths,

Posted: 09-02-2008, 02:33 AM

I'm tripping over ASP.NET local machine permissions with the followin
on an inside the firewall app
List<SharePathEntry> allLocalShares = new List<SharePathEntry>(); //
container for share=local path string pair
WqlObjectQuery objectQuery = new WqlObjectQuery ("select Name,Path fro
ManagementScope scope = new ManagementScope(@\\.\root\cimv2); //[1
scope.Options.Impersonation = ImpersonationLevel.Impersonate; //[1
scope.Options.EnablePriveleges = true; //[1
ManagementObjectServer searcher = ne
foreach(ManagementObject share in searcher.Get()

object objName = share["Name"]
object objPath = share["Path"]


AllLocalShares.Add(new SharePathEntry(objName.ToString()


// non-null Name returned, null Path retruned only when running totall
[ 3 ] under ASP.NET...[ 4

[ 1 ] I've tried with and without these
[ 2 ] I'm running as admin when I hit webservice that uses this objec
[ 3 ] If I run webservice in F5 debug mode, works normally and ca
trace above
[ 4 ] If I run as webservice, condition [4] occurs
[ 5 ] If I run as webservice, then attach debug to asp.net process,
can trace above and see [4] occur
[ 6 ] Same code behind object running under NETWORK_SERVICE credential
on same local machine works normally
[ 7 ] I've randomly tried permissions as follows
Local Security Polic
LocalPolicies:User Rights Assignment : Profile system performanc
(Added ASP.NET) : does not fix the problem
LocalPolicies:User Rights Assignment : Perform volume maintenance task
(Added ASP.NET) : does not fix the problem
Full permissions granted to ASP.NET in security tab for
Computer Management: Services and Applications: WMI Control
Properties : Security : Root : CIMV2 and WMI : does not fix the proble

The only thing that has worked so far is to add asp.net account t
local administrators, run as admin. This is a dedicated/private insid
the firewall application, so OK-ish, but I'm hoping to just add th
required permission to asp.net account as is


"select Name,Path from Win32_Share" permissions required by ASP.NET to return paths,

Responses to ""select Name,Path from Win32_Share" permissions required by ASP.NET to return paths,"

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