Server 2008 WDS - no images after Capture

Posted: 02-05-2009, 06:25 PM
I have set up Windows Deployment Services on a Windows 2008 Server and added
in the boot image, per the Step-by-Step from the Server DVD. I then added a
capture boot image so that I can "upload" my SysPrep'd Windows XP image. I
PXE booted to the Capture Boot image and was able to upload my image to the
WDS Server (though I could not connect to a network share, I had to save the
image to a local USB drive and have the wizard upload it to the WDS Server).

Once the capture was done, I checked the WDS console and there were no
images listed, though the two boot images were there under "Boot Images". I
restarted the WDS Server and checked the Images again ... nothing. I
attempted to PXE boot a clean machine and got the two Boot Images, one took
me right back to the Capture Wizard and the other into Server 2008 setup,
where it told me that there were no images available.

I rebooted the WDS Server and the Captured image (I called WinXP.wim) showed
up under Images. I PXE booted the "clean" system and still got the two boot
images (Longhorn and my Capture Boot). Again, booting into the boot image I
set for Capture sent me to the Capture Image wizard and booting into the
Longhorn boot image took me through a setup prompt which ended in a screen
that told me there were no images available.

What am I missing? I followed the Step-by-Step. Please help, as I have a
stack of systems that need imaging and our existing imaging process doesn't
seem to be working with these boxes. I tried transferring the images to the
drives and then booting (as I do with other images on other hardware), but
the boxes are not recognizing the image and aren't booting properly.


Server 2008 WDS - no images after Capture

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