Re: Set a default installation drive or increase size of C: drive?

Posted: 01-17-2009, 02:29 PM

Jerry U;1116382 Wrote:
> Hi
> Just read your problem and suggesteions. Tried all of them. Stil
> grayed out on "C" even when i eliminated "D" and put all 180 GB extra
> have in Free Space. Wotk around didn't work either. Did you ever et
> fix! Frustrating
> Jerr
Finally found a FIX!! From all of the Posts I have seen on the subjec
and frustrated folks because what wwas recommended and they tried di
not work (which was what I found!!) I finally developed a FIX!
Here it goes; sorry without pic's
First I tried the many recomendations; tried the DOS approach as well
even downloaded a FREE repartician software. Same problem woun't d
Here's what worked
1) Needed to eliminate ALL other Drives other than "C" I wished t
expand (Also left in my case one on the far right labeled EIS
Configuration). I had a "D" and "F" so moved all info on "D" to a pe
drive. There was nothing in "F." Could have put on a folder in "C" if
knew it was going to work as easy as it did
2) Then Click on Computer, click on Manage, then Storage, then Dis
Manager (which you probably have done many times already!
3)The Click on all other than "C" drive (and in my case the driv
labeled EISA Confiation that sounded like it was needed and was onl
taking 15GB of my 250 GB drive of which "C" was only particianed t
30GB!!) on the other drives click delete--YES Delete. (You'll get ar
you sure messages-Just Say Yes
3) Now you'll have free space next to your "C" drive. The click o
remove particion on the Free Space. It will ask several times "do yo
want do this ; just say YES! Don't formate the space
4) Now go to your "C" drive and finnally the Expand Partician will no
be grayed out!! You did it
5) The "C" drive in my case had all but the 15GB in the ESI
Configuration Drive. So I shrank it 50GB making a new Free Space.
Formated the free space which made a new "D" drive. Put all my save
info from my previous "D" drive stored in my Pen Drive, back to to m
new "D" drive

Having tried every other posting recommendation, reviewed by $40 Vist
Secreats Book with no solution; feel much better now!! It was my wife
PC and she was running out of space so now I'm off the hook!! Must hav
been something I did (sic!!

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Re: Set a default installation drive or increase size of C: drive?

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