Re: Shrink Volume Logical Disk Manager Error Access Denied

Posted: 12-29-2008, 06:10 AM
Old rules die hard, but they do die.

Why should a person read through the posts of 4-5 other individuals to see
the latest answer (on the bottom) - just because people who demand that
others abide by usenet outdates rules refuse to trim the post before they

I don't have to read the same answers to the post, over and over yet again,
because those who would like bottom posting REFUSE to trim because they are

I top post. My answer is right there - in your face. You don't have to read
through the others YET AGAIN.

Get over your etiquette fetish!


Richard Urban
Microsoft MVP
Windows Desktop Experience

"knowone" <> wrote in message
On Sat, 27 Dec 2008 19:03:45 -0500, "Richard Urban"
<> wrote:
>>"knowone" <> wrote in message
>> ..
>>>On Sat, 27 Dec 2008 22:17:44 +0000, misterm
>>><> wrote:
>>>Hi techies,
>>>I am using windows vista Home premium 32 bit operating system. My
>>>laptop is hp pavillion dv6700
>>>Problem: I used perfect disk to get 60 gb of shrink space. I was happy
>>>about this because without perfect disk i got shrink available as just
>>>600MB. After this when i use shrink volume in vista for 20Gb out of
>>>this 60 gb. available vista says. Disk Logical Error "ACCESS
>>>DENIED".Even i tried reducing the shrink partition to till 5gb. I took
>>>off the following already - hibernation, pagefile etc.. while doing
>>>What next to do? I am stuck here. Please don't suggest to have vista
>>>reinstall because i dont have vista CD. I need to solve this Access
>>>Denied problem.
>>>Even gparted i dont want to use because it needs Vista CD after
>>>partioning. Thanks in advance to all techies.
>>>Error : Disk Logical Error ACCESS DENIED
>>>Solution: not yet solved .... asking help to all techies. before
>>>writing solution please read problem.Thank you
>>>ScreenShot: I am attaching exact error screenshot zip here.
>>I had a similar problem, and successfully used Easeus Partition
>>Manager Home Edition to shrink my Vista system partition. It is free,
>>and available from
>>It had to reboot into a special mode to be able to accomplish the
>>task, but it worked fine for me. It did not need a Vista CD.
>Wrong answer here.
>The O/P now has logical disk errors. They were either there before or may
>have been caused by PerfectDisk. We don't know. But, any decent partition
>manager will NOT allow a partition to be resized or altered if these errors
>are present. It this were allowed a person could lose everything on the
Or, the OP misreported the error message, and actually got "Logical
Disk Manager, Access is denied", which is the standard uselessly
uninformative error message you get when Vista's shrink volume can't
shrink a volume. Since his attached screenshot didn't come through to
those of us following this group via nntp, I can't say for sure, but
the fractured writing style of the OP leads me to believe this might
be the case.


Top posting in Usenet threads is considered rude, even for an "MVP"!

Re: Shrink Volume Logical Disk Manager Error Access Denied

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