Sidewinder Force Feedback Wheel

Posted: 11-10-2008, 11:50 PM
I have plugged in my old Sidewinder Force Feedback Wheel to have some fun
playing car racing games. Unfortunately, the Sidewinder Game Controller
Software 4.0 is made for windows 98 and do not work with Vista.

Vista install the SideWinder Force Feedback Wheel(USB) controller correctly
and the wheel function when I test the controller.

My problem is that the racing games I have installed, do not discover that I
prefer to use the wheel, pedals and buttons on the wheel rather than using
strokes on the keyboard. In w98 the software made it easy to customize the
game controlling buttons and settings, but this is no longer of help,
because the software is not updated to work with Vista.

I would be very happy if someone knows an answer to how I can solve this

Sidewinder Force Feedback Wheel

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